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Yifan Machinery ZK Series Linear Vibrating Screen Technical Analysis
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ZK Series Linear Vibrating Screen , linear shaker to supply equipment characteristics ?

ZK Series Linear Vibrating Screen block eccentric as the exciting force , so that the material was tossed in the sieve , while forward in a straight line . Material evenly into the screening machine feed from a feeder port , th rough a multi-layer mesh specifications of sieve , sieve the next thing , discharged from their exports respectively . With low power consumption , high yield, simple structure, easy maintenance , fully enclosed structure , no dust , automatic nesting advantages and is more suitable for pipeline operations .


ZK Series Linear Vibrating Screen

ZK Series Linear Vibrating Screen How it works:

Linear vibrating screen with dual motor drive , when the two motors to do the synchronization , counter-rotating eccentric block to produce the exciting force in the direction parallel to the motor axis cancel each other out , and stacked in the direction perpendicular to the motor shaft for a Heli sieve machine moves in a straight line. Its two motor shaft relative screen surface has a dip in the exciting force and material self- gravity the joint effect of the material in the sieve surface toss , leap forward in a straight line , so as to achieve the purpose of screening and classification of materials .

ZK Series Linear Vibrating Screen Adaptation:

Linear shaker ( line screen ) is the efficient new screening equipment widely used in plastics , abrasives, chemicals , pharmaceuticals , building materials , food , carbon , fertilizer, refractories , light industry , mining , coal, smelting and other industries , as well as powder, granular materials , screening and grading .


ZK Series Linear Vibrating Screen

ZK Series Linear Vibrating Screen

ZK series linear vibrating screen to form structural components : the composition of the main box from the screen box , sieve , sieve , vibrating motor , motor pedestal, the damping spring , such as a stent .

[1]、Screen : low carbon steel, brass , bronze , stainless steel wire mesh .

[2]、Vibration motor: use and maintenance methods are detailed in vibration motor manual.

[3]、Screen box: made ??of pine or deformation of the smaller timber , and is mainly used to keep the screen flat , reaching the normal screening .

[4]、Screen box : made ??by several different thickness of steel plate welded to a certain degree of strength and stiffness is a major component of the screening machine .

[5]、Motor units , Block : install the vibration motor, the connecting screws must be tightened before use , especially three days before the new screen machine trial must be repeated tightening , so as not to loose the accident .

[6]、Damping spring : to prevent vibration passed to the ground , while supporting the full weight of the sieve box installation, the spring must be perpendicular to the ground .

[7]、Stand: the four pillars and two channel supports screen box , pillar installation must be perpendicular to the ground , the following two pillars of the channel should be parallel to each other .

ZK Series Linear Vibrating Screen Features and Benefits :

[1]、High efficiency, large handling capacity, long life .

[2]、The sieve beam and screen box bolt connection , welding ;

[3]、Tire couplings , flexible connection and stable operation ;

[4]、Block eccentric as the exciting force , the excitation power ;

[5]、The screening machine of simple structure, convenient maintenance ;

[6]、Production practice for many years to prove that the series of sieve machine has a processing capacity, the technical parameters , structural strength, high stiffness, serialization, universal, high degree of standardization , smooth and reliable operation , low noise and easy maintenance .

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