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Yifan Machinery circular vibrating screen again introduced new features
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Yifan Machinery circular vibrating screen to innovative R & D to achieve new efficiency

Yifan Machinery Vibrating Screen rotation vibration of the oscillator excitation produced by the complex work , but also because of the movement trajectory rounded named . Zhengzhou Yifan Machinery communication with clients and the actual investigation and study , plus years of production experience , to improve and complete the traditional circular vibrating screen , innovation and research and development of a new type of circular vibrating screen equipment .

As we all know, the circular vibrating screen is widely used in mining, coal , building materials , metallurgy , chemical and other fields . To meet the rapid economic development and market demand , Zhengzhou Yifan round shaker add new features , such as :

The Yifan mechanical new circular vibrating screen performance introduced

[1] Small amplitude , high frequency, large obliquity structure , aircraft , high screening efficiency , large handling capacity ;

[2] Vibrator large clearance bearings, thin oil lubrication, low noise ; parts made ??of wear-resistant materials , extended service life .

[3] Ring groove rivet link , rugged wear ; tire couplings flexible connection and stable operation , low energy consumption ;

[4] Novel structure design , the use of eccentric block as the exciting force , the excitation power , adjustable amplitude , low power consumption , material flow can also be adjusted ;

[5] Sieve using a special multi-layer screening , clogging, no red material phenomenon ; mining sieve beam and screen box with high strength bolts , simple structure, convenient maintenance ;

YK Series Circular Vibrating Screen Zhengzhou Yifan Machinery production , the introduction of German technology to produce efficient vibration sieve , adjustable amplitude , material screening line is long , multi-layer screening , clear the file specifications screening , high screening efficiency . Suitable quarry screening aggregate , but also for coal preparation, mineral processing , building materials , electricity and chemical industries for grading .

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