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vibrating screen in the five technical advantages in the crushing and screening equipment
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Mineral processing equipment for the classification of major equipment spiral classifier , vibrating screen, circular vibrating screen, vibrating screen . According to different production processes or production lines to select a reasonable screening equipment is particularly important. The Winbond mechanical processing equipment of the Central Plains region of the most powerful production enterprises, to introduce vibrating screen performance .

vibrating screen ( product screen ) by the shaker , pulp distributor , screen frame , rack , suspension springs and sieve , and other components . For beneficiation, coal preparation , chemicals , bricks, food, pharmaceutical, caustic soda , fertilizers , paper and other industries in a variety of dry materials , wet screening , grading, dewatering operations .

vibrating screen in the screening equipment performance advantages :

[1]The vibrating screen box side plate bending and forming of steel plate as a whole , both to enhance the overall stiffness and reliability of the screening machine , the equipment look better .

[2]High-frequency vibration exciter drive mechanism driven screen surface , static screen box . Vibration system design work in the near-resonant state machine damping bearing , so that the ground is basic not withstand dynamic load screen machines without making foundation, mounted directly on a solid flat surface or in ordinary steel platform can work .

[3]The vibrating screen surface vibration frequency of 50Hz, 0 to 2 mm amplitude vibration intensity for 8 to 10 times the acceleration due to gravity , mechanical shaker vibration strength of 2 to 3 times . The screen surface is not easy to pore blocking , high efficiency, large handling capacity . Especially suitable for the screening of fine powder material . Classification granularity 0.074 ~ 1mm.

[4]Flexible link vibration transmission system using high - quality elastic material , long-term reliable operation of the work ; screen machines for the energy-saving products . Single exciter power is only 0.15kW dressing commonly used 2420 -type electromagnetic shaker , the whole power consumption does not exceed 1.2kW / .

[5]The vibrating screen surface from three different layers of the flexible screen . The bottom rope core polyurethane network as a support network, with the laying of neither the same wire diameter and mesh stainless steel double wire braided composite network . Composite -line layer for the work network , screening work in direct contact with the material , the complex network of the lower base network, used to disperse the force and transmission of vibration to ensure that the network of high screening efficiency and extended service life . Screen at both ends with hooks for easy screen handling and adjust the tension . Feeding buffer sieve the pulp dispersed uniform , avoid direct red

At the same time , the shaker can be configured according to the different needs of customers different types of control cabinet , to set parameters , remote centralized control , history and fault alarms , and other additional features .

vibrating screen uses high frequency vibration of a similar nature , but there are differences in the details of the applicable materials and beneficiation process . The Winbond mechanical shaker production is good, and good performance . Products include: high - frequency vibration sieve , linear shaker . The production of mining machinery products : crusher, dryer , magnetic separator, chute , stone washing machine .
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