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Use Vibrating Screen_Vibration sieve work solutions to common problems
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The YIFAN Mechanical crushing and screening equipment supplier is the most professional mining machinery in China . Production equipment, crusher, dryer , vibrating screen , mobile crusher station , stone washing machine , cone crusher,impact crusher,rock  crusher,and so on . We produce mining machinery product quality assurance, reasonable prices . First make a few comments on some of the shaker to solve some common problems .

vibrating screen some common problems and solutions:
[1] Vibrator appear troubleshooting vibrator .
[2] Vibrator inside the grease thickens agglomeration
[3] Voltage less than the solution: change the power supply .
[4] Motor damage solution: replace the motor.
[5] The control circuit in electrical components damage the solution: replace the motor components .
[6] The screen surface materials piled too many solutions : to clean the screen surface material .

The solution: cleaning vibrator , update, add the appropriate grease . Rational use of mining machinery product lets your machine longevity , save on unnecessary expenses . Master dressing machine common problems can help you save time and increase efficiency . The Yifan mechanical adhere to customer first , quality first principle is the first choice of mining machinery .If you want to know more information about the Vibrating Screen (for example, the price of Vibrating Screen , Vibrating Screen more performance ) , you can contact us 24 hours online customer online to answer your questions , you can give us send mail to obtain more detailed product information ( our E-mail : )

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