YIFAN Vibrating Screen Improve the Screening Efficiency


Vibrating screen has the process characteristics with large amplitudes, big the vibration intensity, low frequency and flexible screen. Vibrating screen is a more complete a double-degree-freedom directional forced vibrations of the mechanical equipment, its simple structure, stable work, less power consumption, is widely used in the sand, cement industry .

YK1860 vibrating screen sent to Shanghai
YK1860 vibrating screen sent to Shanghai   12-11-2012

YIFAN vibrating screen has scientific structure and strong exciting force. This kind of Vibrating screen is of long stream line and many specification.But now some of the enterprises, are undeserved on the maintenance of vibrating screen, its condition is not stable, conveying capacity decreased obviously after using a period. And not to do the right commissioning after the maintenance, the equipment works with poor stability caused by flotation vendors, seriously affecting the normal production. Having routine check once the Vibrating screen machine is starting up, to check whether each part is in normal operation, and presence of abnormal noise. Checking whether the amplitude of vibrating screen conform to the standard. The cement production plant and crusher machine plant should clean up the dust of internal of vibrator.

YK1860 vibrating screen sent to Shanghai -2
YK1860 vibrating screen sent to Shanghai 12-11-2012

Only when we take care of the vibrating screen can we guarantee the crushing efficiency and the handling capacity. When we choose vibrating screen, not only take the quality but also the maintenance into consideration. Only so can we improve the working efficiency.

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