Mobile Screening Crusher

What is the mobile screening crusher station ? Yifan Machinery sales of mobile screening crusher station is China 's leading manufacturers of mobile crushers .

Mobile Crushing Plant is convenient,flexible and strong in mobility, so it can save a large construction capital and relocation. Raw Materials can be broken at the locale without being transported again, and also can be moved with the promotional exploitation of the raw material, which saves a large number of transportation costs. On the basisof the professional technology, we optimize and introduce newly two large and three small series crushing and screening equipment.

mobile screening crusher station Category :

The mobile screening crusher station can be divided into two categories :
[1] One is mobile crushing round vibrating screening station : circular vibrating sieve the introduction of German technology to produce highly efficient vibrating screen , adjustable amplitude , material screening line long , multi-layer screening , clear the file specifications screening , the screening efficiency high. Suitable quarry screening aggregate , but also for coal preparation, mineral processing , building materials , electricity and chemical industries for grading .

[2] The second is the mobile crushing the linear vibration screening station : ZK Series Linear Vibrating Screen is based on our production needs, in the digestion and absorption on the basis of the shaker from abroad , summed up the years of our study design and use of experience , combined with China's national conditions to develop the new series out of the shaker . Capable of handling a large amount of reasonable technical parameters , structural strength, high stiffness , serialization, universal , high degree of standardization , smooth and reliable operation , low noise, easy maintenance and overhaul a number of advantages .

mobile screening crusher station

mobile screening crusher station range of applications :
Apply to the quarry and screening building demolition waste , mining operations , applicable to plastics , abrasives, chemicals , pharmaceuticals , building materials , food , carbon , fertilizer, refractories , light industry , mining , coal, smelting and other industries , as well as powder, granular materials , screening and classification .

Features and advantages of the mobile screening crusher :

[1] Low noise and low emissions characteristics.

[2] With the performance of the screening box ;

[3] Movement and regulation of automated screening , to maximize the efficiency of screening ;

[4] Strict management of all operating units to improve product life and reliability ;

mobile screening crusher station characteristics :
[1] mobile screening crusher station is equipped with high-performance screening box ; movement and regulation of automated screening , maximum screening efficiency ; strict management of all operating units to improve product life and reliability ; the characteristics of low noise and low emissions .

[2] Noise muffler in the mobile screening crusher station , the best noise absorption system , equipment is compact and flexible to better meet urban construction waste crushing operations , effective dust removal system , suitable for diesel engine noise sewage situation , the release of the system can be remotely controlled hydraulic exclude mobile broken the barriers within the station , pre - screening devices to significantly improve the crushing efficiency .

[3] mobile screening crusher station is not only mature technology, operation and maintenance is simple and has a good adaptability and security and reliability , but also on the volume of traffic, the particle size and abrasive unit configuration of the integration of the installation and maintenance is convenient and reasonable .

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