YIFAN hereby offers tips as follow on the application of vibrating screen


Vibrating screen, necessary equipment of various stone crushing and sand making production lines, greatly affects the quantity and quality of the stone and sand. Therefore, it is very important to use vibrating screen correctly. YIFAN hereby offers tips as follow on the application of vibrating screen.  

vibrating screen and classify from fine to coarse:In this case, the vibrating screen contains sieves in parallel for convenience of discharge with little fine particles in the output material of different specifications, leading to a large overall structure. All of the material, fine and coarse, pass the sieve of small holes in the vibrating screen at first, accelerating the abrasion and damage of that sieve.

vibrating screen and classify from coarse to fine:In this situation, the vibrating screen adopts a compact structure of overlapped sieves among which the sieve of large holes is on the top layer, resulting in small abrasion. Increase the vibrating force, and the fine particles will pass all the sieves of the vibrating screen completely with little presence in the coarse products. Therefore, this screening and classifying order is popular in modern production.

Adopt dry screening and classifying method or wet screening and classifying method according to the mud content and the water content of the material in the vibrating screen in operation. The former one is simple and usually applicable to the material of low mud content or water content, while the latter one is totally different and requires spraying with water on the materials in the vibrating screen to reduce the mud content and the viscosity in case of block of the sieve holes.

There are much more to do in the application of the vibrating screen, about which the customers, whatever question they have, are supposed to contact YIFAN for professional and comprehensive knowledge and skills.

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