The vibrating screen wears fast. How to maintain it?


How to prolong service life of vibrating screen?

The main reasons of abrasion are disqualification of vibrating screen, vibrating screen tensility, wrong direction of motor, accumulation of dirt etc.

How to avoid and adjust such vibrating screen problems?

Lack of the vibrating screen tensility leads to the vibrating screen. This situation usually happens at the edge of vibrating screen or the break or damage of layerings. The disqualification of vibrating screen: there are two stress layers of vibrating screen upper screening layer and bottom vibrating screen layer. It requests the tight joint of the two layers. If the vibrating screen pre-tension technic is poor, when the bottom vibrating screen tightens because of stress, the vibrating screen layer doesn't tighten, the throw force of drill chip decreases and can't discharge drill chips. So you must choose a professional manufacturer when purchase vibrating screen. Such vibrating screen manufacturer can make sure the products quality. The wrong direction of motor: when adjust the direction of motor, the workers may use the experience of single axle or linear vibrating screen, but this is not available to circular vibrating screen. If the motor whirls wrongly to the inner side, though the projection angle is forward, the drill chips have the power backward, but the speed of drill chips will slow down and stay longer in the vibrating screen, even leads to the unable discharge of drill chips.

How to solve these vibrating screen problems effectively?

When the vibrating screen box runs, press the off button on electric control box, and vibrating screen will slow down. Observe the ellipse orbit which formed by the spots after running of the vibrating screen on the side plate. If it rolls to the discharge mouth, it is the right direction; unload the vibrating shield, check the eccentric block whirl outside or not; change random 2 phase lines of electric control box, spread some sands on the vibrating screen, the faster speed of discharge sand is the right direction.

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