Sand production line vibrating screen principle


Linear vibrating screen is used in a variety of industries, such as vibrating screen is used in the sand production line, vibrating screen at work, vibrating screen is also used to produce inertial vibration exciter (ground), its local oscillator has exciter motor driven, there are two exciter shafts, each shaft has an eccentric weight, and rotating in opposite directions, so called dual-axis shaker, the two gears to ensure synchronization. When both of the disc with the rotation of the eccentric weight, the two centrifugal force generated by the eccentric weight, the weight of the x-axis offset each other in the y-axis component of the addition, the results in the y-axis direction of the excitation force to produce a reciprocating, the sieve box in the y-axis direction of the linear reciprocating trajectory generated vibrations.
We used linear shaker screen surface inclination as small sieve reduced in height, easy to process arrangement. Because the screen surface is a linear reciprocating motion, the upper layer of material on the one hand forward movement, while the whereabouts of the material layer in the process of being bound and compacted role is conducive to dehydration, mud, off liquid (used in food, textile , leather and other industrial sectors), and when the removal of heavy medium heavy medium beneficiation. For difficult materials such as rocks, coke, sinter, the linear vibrating screen vibrating screen surface angle can be 60 °.
Hanging straight path vibration box, using box-type structure shaker, exciting force and the horizontal direction of 45 °. Compact exciter box, the four eccentric weight exciter pairs arranged outside the housing, a pair of cabinets meshing gears, its role is to ensure that the two pair of eccentric weight rotate in opposite directions, and a two speed equal phase relationship with each other on who exactly is to make the screen box for linear reciprocating motion. Block linear trajectory with drum sieve vibrating screen shaker. Barrel and shaft eccentric weight exciter made ​​integrally with the shaft end of a pair of mutually meshing gears (sieve can be dual motor drive self-synchronization) in order to ensure the correct phase relationship between each other and to transmit motion.
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