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      Urgent needs of the construction waste led to the development of the crushing and screening  industry. Construction waste disposal industry growing rise of crushing and screening equipment requirements getting higher,impact crushers developed and produced by Zhengzhou Yifan Machinery promptly adapt to the development of the times. 

Nowadays, construction waste disposal has become an emerging industry, which is growing so quickly, there are three main reasons: 

Impact crusher

     一、construction waste is an environmental protection industry, construction waste can be solved with the air, and land pollution, and to reduce the occupation of land; 

     二、the construction waste can be recycled gravel aggregate, as brick, paving, construction and other raw materials, can be recycled scrap steel can be re-melted forging, so it turned to construction waste recycled materials instead of waste; 

     三、the domestic construction waste disposal equipment prices are cheaper than foreign equipment,does not require much investment for business investment. 

      Zhengzhou Yifan Machinery Co., Ltd. developed and produced crusher mainly consists of two, which are stationary crusher and mobile crusher station (machine).Impact crusher construction waste production line construction waste can deal with the broken, Zhengzhou Yifan and various ancillary equipment, such as magnetic separator, vibrating screen, etc., can be treated to ensure that the classification of building materials collected for recycling.


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