How to select cost-effective vibrating screen


The model selection of vibrating screen is made according to the actual position. When the customers produce many final products, and need separate them into different sizes, the vibrating screen will be needed. The vibrating screen is widely used in the sand making and stone crushing plant, which is used to finalize the products' grading.

The screen of YIFAN is vibrating screen, which is named by the movement track, the YK is short for chinese words and the length of vibrating screen as well as width.

We should pay more attention to the following points in the choice of vibrating screen .

1.the quality of stone, which decides the choice of Vibrating Screen material. The quality includes the hardness and moisture of stone. The lifespan of Vibrating Screen is effected to a great extent.

2.the kinds determine the layers of Vibrating Screen;

3.the Vibrating Screen mesh is decided by the final products' size.

Factors Affecting Performance of Vibrating Screen:

1. Driving System and Damping System

Vibrating screen filters and classifies materials by vibrating force, and consists of different parts. Therefore, a powerful vibrating force is in need, and effective measures should be taken to reduce the resonance damage of different parts. In practical application, vibrating screen is usually equipped with barrel eccentric shaft vibrator and eccentric block for powerful vibrating force, and with rubber vibration damping springs for stable operation at the resonance area.  

2. Length and Width of the Sieves

The length and width of the sieves affect the productivity and effect of the vibrating screen. Well proportional length and width of the sieves help the vibrating screen working with high productivity at low energy consumption. Lengthen the sieves, and the material will stay on the screen longer with a higher consequent screening and classifying effect.

3. Size of Sieve Holes

Enlarge the size of sieve holes, the productivity of the vibrating screen will increase. Otherwise, it will decrease. It is evident if a large output is demanded. Therefore, it is important to set proper sieve holes of the vibrating screen according to the production condition and requirement.

In a word, we should choose the suitable model of vibrating screen by the above factors.  the customers of the vibrating screen are supposed to adopt excellent sieves made from outstanding material,

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