Notes on the operation jaw crusher introduction


Lamented jaw crusher has large crushing ratio , uniform particle size ; low noise , less dust ; equipment and energy saving performance, and can be widely used in mining, metallurgy , building materials, highway, railway, water conservancy and chemical production and other industries , we can not be ignored is the installation and maintenance aspects of jaw crusher equipment can play a fundamental guarantee optimal state . So how to properly install the device and how to effectively repair it? Now listen Zhengzhou General crusher what experts say it :
Jaw crusher installation:
1 , due to the work of the vibration jaw crusher larger machines should be installed in the concrete foundation , in order to reduce vibration, noise and impact on the basis of nearby buildings , in the middle of the crusher and concrete foundation pad hardwood pallets, rubber tape or other cushioning material . And the jaw crusher needs to be installed in the local shelter , can not open place .
2, the motor must be installed in the rear of the jaw crusher , the direction of rotation must be done according to the requirements , may not reverse .
3, the machine should be firmly set in the concrete floor , foundation laying of discharge slots set aside a metal plate , and the slope of the discharge chute or else less than 50 degrees , to avoid obstructing the smooth discharge of the crushed product .
4 , the nesting population size should be required to adjust the particle size . When adjusted , you should loosen the T- bolts and tension springs. Use a bolt from the top to adjust the seat to open the top , insert, or removing the appropriate thickness of the gasket, and then returned from the top bolt , adjust the seat under the weight of the role of the movable jaw , ear close to the seat frame , while the pressure Gaskets rope together. After adjustment of the spring when the top pressure to ensure that the machines work , the thrust plate and thrust plate mat close . However, pre-pressure is not too large , as long as the non-occurrence of mechanical percussion, finally locking seat adjustment .
5 , before adjusting the discharge port , should loosen tension spring , to be adjusted, the adjustment of the spring at the appropriate level of tension , the tension of the spring in order to eliminate noise and toggle plate bracket and elbow pads between board at work easy to fall off when appropriate.
6 , in order to facilitate the transportation of raw materials of the finished product , expected out the best use of mechanized transportation equipment.
7 , before commissioning the coupling parts and tightening the screws , check lubrication.
8 , first with the human moving pulley is recognized when unimpeded movement , empty test can be carried out within two hours may not have the impact , noise, leaking seal between the shaft and pulley loose swing and so on. Bearing temperature does not exceed 35 degrees , if found above the fault must immediately stop for inspection.
9 , the user load test to take 12 hours, and the use of secondary minerals such as no more than a hard failure and bearing temperature does not exceed 70 degrees , can be put into production .
    Know how to install the jaw crusher enough, but also know how to use the process for maintenance , so that it can use more jaw crusher equipment for production . Here come the time to understand what the next overhaul of the attention it:
    First of all, we must protect the jaw crusher overhaul of personal safety and security equipment , to firmly establish the idea of ​​safety first , to ensure the safety overhaul . Jaw crusher maintenance work can generally be divided into three parts to do : small repair , repair , overhaul .
    Minor repair work is routine inspection , including inspection and repair of main content adjustment device , high-speed discharge port clearance , wear liner U-turn or replacement. Overhaul transmission parts , lubrication systems and replacement lubricants.
    The repair cycle can be about 1-2 years , including the replacement of the general content of the thrust plate , liner, check and repair as Bush.
    After the overhaul work is jaw crusher to work longer hours each working parts have some degree of wear and tear, so the efficiency decreased when the need for the overhaul of the cycle , as the case may be, in general , and some manufacturers recommend in about five years.

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