Cause and Solution jaw crusher stuffy car faults


Jaw crusher is widely used , jaw crusher operation in the production process , will inevitably encounter a variety of failure, the general problem is not resolved promptly discovered and have a greater impact on the fragmentation of production , but if the occurrence similar to the stuffy car production is often said abruptly , jaw crusher downtime , not only have an impact on safety equipment , the most important thing is to bring huge economic losses to the gravel production line , in order to reduce the losses we should solve the problem .
  Jaw crusher evenly continuous feed , if the feed is uneven, when speed is greater than the material feed rate , the crusher crushing chamber and the discharge port is formed clogged , broken products and materials can not be discharged continuously adding equipment , material crushing cavity filled , the device does not cause serious downtime carrying heavy loads , and therefore need to be uniform feeding , always check the discharge opening , avoid the material does not flow , which can effectively prevent a stuffy car malfunction .
  Jaw crusher drive belt tension in a large operation , causing the belt is too loose , belt slippage , belt failure of bearings and other moving parts of the transmission loss of a role, but also a steady stream of material supplied to the crusher, resulting in stuffy car . So to timely adjust the tension of the drive belt to the proper tightness. Jaw crusher operating voltage instability, also makes a host of jaw crusher can not carry too much pressure and downtime. The main components of the broken jaw crusher machinery bearing component values ​​, if the bearing is damaged, we will provide timely replacement of the bearing components , otherwise it will cause stuffy car phenomenon .

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