The important work of jaw crusher - Lubrication


After a long work summary and analysis , jaw crusher everyone when in use , have found a jaw crusher wear resistance and prolonged use is not strong enough , but we all want our jaw crusher can run the longer, how life is also longer, but is there any way that we are all we need to think about , first of all we remember from the device itself , finally, we have analyzed , and if you want us better use of jaw crusher , then we need to lubricate aspects of our jaw crusher to do :
Jaw crusher in the work process , the friction surface should be timely reliable lubrication , thus ensuring the long-term normal operation of the crusher . Thus , for each lubrication lubrication must pay special attention. Otherwise it will cause an accident , or even a large accident. Especially in winter, such as the case of dry oil has solidified when possible, in which another 20% ( by weight ) of automotive lubricants for lubrication. Lubricating the contact surface must be fully and evenly. But the extent of the lubricant in the bearing seat filled , should not exceed 50-70 % of its volume. Depending on the operating usage, can fill oiling once every 1-2 days , once oil is best for each quarter . Meanwhile , after a thorough cleaning of bearing inspection . Practice has proved able to fill plus scheduled oil change is to extend the service life of bearings and other parts .
As long as we put these well, then our jaw crusher will be according to our will to achieve our goals , and life natural jaw crusher will be lengthened , and I hope we can do all aspects of lubrication , crusher can use to get the most comprehensive and play, and then make our common development and contribute to our country .

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