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The vibrating screen is commonly used vibration screening equipment for sand and gravel plants and sand production line . Yifan machinery which in the previous section to share the "vibrating screen in the five technical advantages in the crushing and screening", the vibrating screen also continue to be enhanced in the technical convenience . The vibrating screen is the improved efficiency the most important , only by understanding the correct way to use in order to truly be effective to improve the efficiency of the vibrating screen .

Correct operation vibrating screen screening order three methods

[1]、Overlapping : from coarse to fine screening . Linear vibrating screen in the screening process from coarse to fine an overlap of the screen surface , the upper screen surface of the sieve , the gradual reduction of the following layers of mesh screen surface .

[2]、Combined method (hybrid screening ) : In a joint process , part of the screen surface from coarse to fine arrangement, the arrangement of part of the screen surface from fine to coarse . Circular vibrating screen , usually from coarse to fine or joint screening process in the production practice .

[3]、Sequence method : from fine to coarse screening . Easy maintenance, easy to observe the work, from fine to coarse screening process , the screen surface arranged in accordance with the mesh to increase the order By vibrating screen layers of the screen surface . In addition to single-axis vibrating screen , each screen along the entire length of the screen surface discharge .

How to improve screening efficiency vibrating screen ?

[1]、Able to do so , the feed side to increase the fixed sieve for coarse sieve .

[2]、Circular vibrating screen, consider adjusting the weight of the ways to improve the screening effect ;

[3]、For dry sieving , to strictly control the feed water , when water high , consider the batching screening .

[4]、Conditions permitting, wet sieving , which is the most effective means to improve the screening effect .

[5]、Lower sieve the batter porosity , may consider the use with a sieve clean-up , such as the spring rod to the screen surface .

[6]、Improve the sieve openings rate , opening rate will help to improve the screening effect ; usually stainless steel welding sieve openings rate may be concerned about .

[7]、Adjust the feed arrangements , in some cases , into the material along the full screen width to entry , it will inevitably cause the screen surface are not fully utilized.

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