The vibrating screen repair and maintenance Note


Vibrating screen in the day-to-day use of the process, require regular inspection and maintenance of equipment, so you can extend the life of the equipment, improve production efficiency.

The following describes the routine maintenance considerations:

1, Vibrating screen do not require lubrication, a year is still in need of major repairs, replacement liner, two screen surface dressing. Vibration motor to be removed for inspection and oil change to the motor bearings, if the bearing is damaged, will have to replace.
2, sieve cells should always removed periodically check the screen surface is broken or uneven, the sieve is blocked.
3, the proposal to create a support frame to hang hanging standby screen surface.
4, always check the seal, found worn out or defective should be replaced.
5, Each class check the sieve cell compression device, if loose should be pressed.
6, class check the feed box connection is loose, if the gap is larger, causing the collision, cause the device to rupture.
7, The class check sieve support device to observe the hollow rubber mat or without significant deformation or degumming phenomenon, two hollow rubber pads should be replaced at the same time when the rubber the pad damaged or transition flattening.

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