The following factors are key to performance of vibrating screen


Vibrating screen is a reliable screening and classifying equipment for various stones and sands due to its simple structure, its few spare parts, and its convenient operation. vibrating screen is supposed to be used with other machines upstream and downstream according to relevant regulations in production to completely fulfill its performance. Specifically, the following factors are key to performance of vibrating screen:

Steady and Constant Material Input of vibrating screen:Material input to the vibrating screen should be uniform at any time and evenly distributed on the sieve. Otherwise, fluctuation of screening effect and efficiency will occur, leading to poor performance of the vibrating screen. The material input ought to be more steady and constant if the material is fine.

Moving Speed of the Material for vibrating screen:The materials at high speed pass the sieves of vibrating screen fast with a high consequent screening efficiency, but the screening effect reduces because the material stay on the sieves for a short time. If the material moves too fast in the vibrating screen, the inside particles will go forward along the sieves at high speed, reducing the chances to pass the sieves with poor screening effect.

Material Thickness of vibrating screen:The thicker the material is, the harder the small particles pass the large ones to the surface of the sieves, and the screening efficiency of the vibrating screen reduces. To the contrast, over-thin material costs waste of the vibrating screen because the material is so thin that it passes the sieves without vibrating or screening.

The operator of the vibrating screen should put in material steadily and constantly, and set proper moving speed and thickness of the material according to the regulations in production for purpose pf high effect and efficiency of screening and classifying.   

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