YIFAN tells you,How to install Vibrating Screen?


The vibrating screen is composed by sieving box, mesh, vibration exciter and damper spring ect. the vibratory screen adopts the vibration exciter with barrel type of eccentric shaft and block to adjust the swing. The vibration exciter is installed on the lateral plate of the sieving box. The motor makes the exciter swing round speedily through tire coupling.

 vibrating screen

The installation of circle vibrating screen:

1. Before Circle Vibrating Screen installation, you should check whether the parts are complete or damaged according to packing list. Since the ex-factory, if the circle vibrating screen vibrator has been used more than six months, it must be dismantled and cleaned, with clean lubricating oil used.

2. Install the equipment according to Circle Vibrating Screen installation drawing. The supporting chassis must be installed in the foundation flatly, and to support all the dynamic load and static load of Circle Vibrating Screen,  the foundation should have enough stiffness and strength.

3. There are lifting eyes in the vibrating screen four corners, lifting holes in the four corners of supporting chassis. You should lift according to the figure, and lifting the vibrating screen directly, hung on the vibrator, is not allowed.

4. There should be a 75mm interval among some motionless parts at least, such as the vibrating screen box, hopper, trough and down spouting.

5. Make sure that there is a 10mm interval between spring plate and friction damping board of vibrating screen box.

6. Choose damping springs according to the free height, with the front or back-end left and right springs used respectively, and their free heights are equal as far as possible, and the error is less than 5mm. After the installation of vibrating screen box, the surface of vibrating screen box should be level, otherwise, you can pad tagger between spring plate and supporting parts.

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