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YIFAN vibrating screen is a type of vibration screening mechanical equipment which is suitable for the screening of humid, difficult-to-screen and fine granule.It is a vibrating screen mechanical equipment deal with difficult-to-screen materials.

The vibrating screen scope of application is very wide ,almost come down to every aspect in life. vibrating screen is mainly used in metallurgy,mine, chemical industry, building materials,coal, refractory matter, ceramics,medicine,food and other industries.Most of the vibrating screens are used in concentrator. high frequency vibrating screen, vibrating screen has many major types such as linear vibrating screen , high frequency vibrating screen, circular vibrating screen, spin vibration sieve, ternary spin vibration sieve, variable frequency vibration sieve, vibrating probability screen, arc-shaped vibration sieve, etc.vibrating screen has fortissimo screening function,can divide particle and powder into different particle periods.Single vibrating screen classifier can be equipped with four screen,can separate 2-5 fractions continuously and control narrow particle size range .High-performance vibrating screen machine can rapidly eliminate low--percentage large particles or small particles dreg. vibrating screen can rapidly sweep away nonsoluble solid materials from various seriflux.

Vibrating screen has process festures such as large amplitude,large vibration intensity,lower frequency and elastic sifter.During the work, vibrating screen keep maximal aperture ratio and has efficient screen, strong handling ability,convenient to change sieve plate,low cost.As the screen box vibrate intensively,reduce the phenomenon of materials blocking and make the vibrating screen has higher productivity. vibrating screen structure is simple ,the sifter’s change is convenient and power consumption of every ton of material is low.The huge sifter and high handing ability can meet spot production needs.The movement pattern that multistage sifter shake while the sieve box and rack don’t make the vibrating screen realize large—scale. As the vibration intensity of vibrating screen continue to increase,the vibrate process gradually strengthen.By improving vibrating screen  vibrate parameter to get higher speed and accelerated speed can vibrating screen work efficiency improve rapidly.Present vibrating screen has festures of light weight,environmental protection, simplified layout.

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