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Vibrating screen, the key equipment for screening and classifying various stones and sands, works on the basis of the vibrating force in the aspects of force value and stability. So, it is quite important to control the vibrating force for good performance of the vibrating screen. YIFAN hereby offers the following instruction from the perspectives of the vibrating motor selection and the vibrating force control.

Vibrating screen

1. Selection of vibrating motor of Vibrating screen:Vibrating motor, the source of the vibrating force to the vibrating screen, should be of advantages such as reasonable design, compact layout, high vibrating efficiency, easy and convenient installation and adjustment, etc. The vibrating motor of the vibrating screen serves mainly due to its working frequency, its maximum vibrating force, and its effective power, etc. The rotating speed of the motor of the vibrating screen in production should be consistent with the working frequency, the maximum vibrating force should be within the compound force of the selected motor, and the power of the motor should conform to the working frequency and the maximum force force requirement.

2. Adjustment vibrating force of Vibrating screen:The vibrating force affects the productivity of the vibrating screen directly. Specifically, the more powerful the force is, the more intensified the vibration is. Consequently, the sieve puts a larger force to the material, and the material moves faster with a higher productivity and less blocking. In addition, if the vibrating force is over small, the material on the vibrating screen will suffer poor passing ratio and poor crushing ratio. On the other hand, if the vibrating force of the vibrating screen is over large, the abrasion to the vibrating blocks on the two ends of the motor rotating shaft will increase, and the motor will get damaged easily since it is rotating fast. The vibrating force of the vibrating screen derives from the inertial centrifugal force from the rotating eccentric blocks at a high speed, so the vibrating force of the vibrating screen will be adjusted if the eccentric distance is changed with the consequently changed amplitude.

The vibrating force of the vibrating screen should be under control in a scientific and reasonable way in the production. Welcome to contact YIFAN for professional and comprehensive information and service.


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