Linear vibrating screen installation screen should pay atten


Linear vibrating screen loaded screen selection is just or not, as well as details of the installation and skills directly affect the durability and the use of the effect of the screen, linear vibrating screen mesh selection below explain one by one by the the Xinxiang City Dahan vibration Machinery Co., Ltd. Technician as well as screen installation considerations.

Note that we must choose the wire diameter coarse sieve, linear sieve sieve installation relatively cumbersome.

Cutting, screen width and grid consistent can length than some grid grow of 50 ~~ 70 mm.

Installation, be sure to screen up tight, because the screen tensioner degree is an important factor affecting the screening efficiency.

Installation of network pinball clear, must pay attention to considering the the material the sieving difficulty and mesh, not blindly retrofitting.

Material proportion of larger or higher sieve size should be increased in the screen below mesh suitable prop network, its purpose is to play a supporting role to reduce the pressure of material screening network, extending its life.

Grid press fitted into the sieve box, remember To grow a mesh extending into the corresponding spout, avoiding in this mixing phenomenon appears.

When the pressure plate is installed, be sure to pay attention to its flatness and strong scalability of sponge-lined sealed with a uniform locking, because this is not only put an end to mixed-level key and important factor affecting the service life of screen.

After installation, you should use a little material test sieve machine fabrics and screening, where the material is uniformly forward transport and grading, mixing phenomenon, can be put into use; Conversely, if the deviation or poly heap uNEVEN, should adjust the the sieve machine screen surface flatness and uniformity; should check the sealing of the screen and whether pressed mixed-level phenomenon.

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