Change the Vibrating Screen bearing and the adjustable eccen


YIFAN is a professional manufacturer of vibrating screen, our vibrating screen have many types, the price is cheap and have good quality, vibrating screen of YIFAN adopts tube asana eccentric shaft vibration device and partial piece of adjusting amplitude, material sieve drip line length, screening specification more. Vibrating screen has characteristics such as the structure is reliable, exciting force strong, high screening efficiency, vibration noise is small, durable, easy maintenance, use safety etc.

Mobile screening crusher

Mobile screening crusher

The structure of vibrating screen: mainly by screen box, excitation device, suspension device and motor etc. The motor triangle leather belts, driving spindle vibrator which, because of excitation device on the balance of the centrifugal force not weight function, make the vibration sieve chest. Change the Vibrating Screen bearing and the adjustable eccentric, can get different amplitude.

1. Due to the strong Vibrating Screen box, reduce material jams the screen hole phenomenon, make a sieve has high screening efficiency and productivity.

2. The Vibrating Screen surface systems of simple structure, convenient.

3.Vibrating Screen Less cost for screening every tons of material easily.

Above is based on outstanding performance about vibrating screen introduces, if you have and confused or other technical problems, please continue to visit YIFAN manufacture company vibrating screen project stand, we will provide comprehensive technical support, for your dedicated service.

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