YIFAN Vibrating Screen Help Realize Final Products’screening


In a stone crushing plant, we always focus on stone crushers but ignore other equipments, like vibrating feeder, belt conveyor and vibrating screen. Especially the vibrating screen, vibrating screen is the last guard of qualified final products. Only with vibrating screen can we get high-quality aggregates. More important, vibrating screen can screen final products with different sizes and help realize final products’ variety.

In general, vibrating screen has 2-4 screen meshes. If client just needs one kind of final product, then vibrating screen with two screen meshes is needed. Vibrating screen plays a role of screening unqualified products. Please note that there is no single screen mesh vibrating screen. If there is only one vibrating screen mesh, all the material will rub and strike on vibrating screen, and vibrating screen will be worn more easily and changed frequently. When the client need several products, vibrating screen will play another action. The uppermost screen mesh is used to screen unqualified products. The sizes of the other vibrating screen meshes are different, by which we can get different sizes of products. Four sizes of vibrating screen products will be produced at most with a vibrating screen, which decreases cost and increases profits for clients.

YIFAN can make special vibrating screen most suitable according to clients’ requirements, which makes clients get most profits with lowest cost.

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