The important of vibrating screen in the field of waste re


Recycling waste concrete is in construction industry has been recognized by people,the vibrating screen play a key role,So vibrating screen, linear vibrating screen using is indispensable.Building aggregate will put vibrating screen to rescreen, aggregate quadratic sieve is a notable problem: because concrete is to rely on aggregate, fine aggregate and cement formed three compacted cohesive, and common stress formation strength.Aggregate weight and graded directly related to the concrete compactness, so be sure to consider. Evaluation index have sand thick degree machinery modulus, material screening results (decision grading stand or fall), the material of the silt content, organic matter ignition loss, etc.

The production of cement concrete of human civilization and progress played a positive role. But as the concrete demand rapid growth and the production of large Numbers of waste concrete, which caused the resource, energy and environment problem is increasingly serious. In the current concrete production 2 billion cubic meters of meter, need to use the cement of 800 million tons, need to consume natural aggregate 3.6 billion tons.Statistics show that every tons of cement production to consumption limestone 0.95 ~ 0.98 tons, produce a ton of clinker about CO2 emissions about 1 ton, still can produce sulphides, nitride and other harmful gas and dust. In the concrete of the highest proportion of aggregate distribution is a wide range of natural resources, but because the elder mining, has begun to appear stone resources a difficult problem.Among them, have industrial value of the limestone can only be lasts for 30 ~ 40 years of mining. At the same time, a large number of natural material exploitation and use, also causes soil erosion and natural landscape deterioration, the serious influence the sustainable development of society, and even endanger the survival of future generations. According to incomplete statistics, China is now the yearly number of construction waste reached 100 million tons, and long-term accumulated construction waste will be as high as hundreds of millions of tons. If these building waste can be resources, its meaning will be difficult to measure.

Waste concrete and regeneration aggregate waste concrete can be caused by different types (level) of the concrete. To improve the quality of waste concrete, it need to different types of concrete to sorting.Related authorities in Hong Kong several kinds of waste concrete performance testing, the results apparent density and water absorption rate and index difference is bigger, natural aggregate compactness highest, by a high strength concrete system of aggregate HPC compactness second, and ordinary concrete NC aggregate of compactness minimum.

Recycled concrete aggregate (RCA) is abandoned the old concrete block after separation, crushing and screening by the vibrating screen to classify, received has certain mechanical properties and grading of artificial stone. Sorting and crushing process, must will inclusion in the original concrete reinforced wood, etc sundry eliminate. Waste concrete after crushing processing, production of regenerated aggregate contains a certain amount of hardening cement mortar, the cement mortar most independent block, a few adhere to the natural aggregate surface, leading to regeneration aggregate edge is more, surface rough density is small, bibulous rate is high, the bonding capacity weak. Waste concrete block regeneration in the process of damage due to damage accumulation will regenerate aggregate exist a large number of micro crack.

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