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Since the tide of urban infrastructure construction, construction waste  linear vibrating screen problem is gaining increasing attention. More and more relevant personage have begin to pay attention the research of linear vibrating screen. How to make use of construction waste in better,more efficient,more feasible way to both protect the environment and make again use of resource. Zhengzhou YIFAN Machinery Company produced vibrating screen plant which can solve these problems.

Construction waste is classfied by mobile vibrating screen plant, crushing the  broken bricks, concrete blocks, and so on,transfering brickfield to make new type wall materials,this method can both solve Garbage dumps problems and reduce he cost of brickfield.Realizing the resource recovery, environmental protection treatment.According to the reporter, at present, in the field of construction waste vibrating screen, YIFAN Company take the first lead in investment market successfully.According to the Zhengzhou Yifan machinery equipment co, Ltd rich experience accumulated over the years, in order to improve construction waste late returns on investment, it needs the full investment plan.

[1]、project scale:For instance it can plan XiaoNa construction waste 1 million ton, that about covers an area of 100 acre-feet, with a total investment of about 50 million yuan.

[2]、capital source:Enterprise can invest from their own funds, bank loans, the government subsidies, among three years to complete target scale, capital source is reliable.

[3]、Project location:construction waste recycling should obey the nearest principle, reducing the cost of construction wastes and products and relieving traffic pressures.It also can ensure that construction waste transportation enterprises transfer the wastes to treatment plant.

Yifan machinery's construction waste linear vibrating screen, is famous for the excellent breaking capacity, which won the customers a high degree of recognition. Its "mobile crushing, material handling" feature in construction waste has been the perfect embodiment of linear vibrating screen for screening job. Yifan machinery mobile screening stations are no urban venue restrictions, may be moved according to the shredder needs to be broken, also depending on the shredder device of regrouping reached crushing efficiency is greatest. Yifan machinery mobile screening stations will continue to spare no effort to contribute to construction waste shredder, such as linear vibrating screen for screening.
vibrating screen plant create many the first high-tech vibrating screen combining mobile and screening. 2. is the first product of hydraulic technology in mobile screening stations, and comprehensively improve the mobile screening efficiency.3. is the first set of independent development of domestic civil construction waste recycling system, has filled vacancies which can only rely on imported equipment.

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