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In the process of producing gravel aggregate, it's necessary to crush the construction wastes, the traditional stone crushing line should lay the foundations,Do steel frame, their demanding for work site is high,And configuration process is time-consuming and wasting a lot of time and manpower.in recent years,vibrating screen is famous for compact size ,Convenient and flexible modes of transportation applicated widely in construction waste industry. Due to the mobility of mobile crushing and screening station,it can process the construction waste conveniently and efficiently.Not only convenient for crushing operation,but also save operation time,to improve work efficiency.
Vibaratory screen station is the professional construction waste processing equipment, the construction waste processed by construction waste processing equipment is used to produce Corresponding strength grade concrete, mortar
,or making building blocks,wallboard,floor tile hese building materials.

Vibaratory screen station set feeding, crushing, screening, conveying technology as a whole, it can separate out the scrap metal concluded among large mixed soil,broken brick broken into fine construction aggregate by de-ironing separator. The fine aggregate that is crushed by crushing and screening station can be made to baking-free bricks,NF-TDZ,Color turn these building materials by brick mo(u)lding machine adding a small amount of cement,coal ash.vibrating screen can realize construction waste disposal rate of 90% recycling of construction waste utilization.

vibrating screen ,vibrating screen station is applicated in Urban environmental protection,has good mobility, flexibility is good, environmental protection sex good, economy is good wait for a characteristic,can be in the site of construction garbage for crushing,Among them the inside of the reinforcement can be separated. The construction waste that is crushed is called recycled aggregate,recycled coarse aggregate and regeneration fine aggregate. The recycled coarse aggregate can be used to pave the way ,Do water stable layer and so on.Tregeneration fine aggregate can add Fly ash, water, etc materials,and Can be made into square brick, the Netherlands brick, planting grass brick, permeable bricks 15 kind of new environmental protection building materials products.

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