The new achievements of YIFAN Machinery-- vibrating screen I


Aimed at the frequently-used machineries in the field of crushing and sand making, vibrating screen, impact crusher, cone crusher, vertical impact crusher,mobile crusher and so on.Zhengzhou Yifan Machinery Co., Ltd. has its own unique advantages,In order to lead the industry's development,Yifan machinery now expanding their business at the same time committed to the cause of in-depth study of these five categories broken machinery.

Zhengzhou Yifan Machinery Co., Ltd. Continuously improve their capabilities in the promotion of vibrating screen,Eventually declared a success by the advent of  for new series circular vibrating screen, so as to promote China circular vibrating screen technology in the international status of the industry hit a record, and laid a "leader" in the field of crushing and screening.

vibrating screen has the good performance characteristics:Sturdy structure,Superior vena type design,Heavy movable jaw assembly durable,Moving jaw shield design,Convenient size adjustment,Integrated motor mount,Shock absorber mounting design and these designs, vibrating screen win the love of majority of customers when it launched.The device is not only able to increase the comprehensive utilization of resources,but also is green environment.It brings the economic benefits to the enterprises, at the same time be able to protect the environment, can be described as killing two birds with one stone.

With the reform and opening-up policy brought about the development of the national economy,market demand continues to promote the development of vibrating screen, our company continues to provide customers with cost-effective medium-sized circular vibrating screen and provides first-class service support and solutions.Yifan Company provides complete vibrating screen, stone production line and sand making production line equipment have been applied in a large number of national key projects,such as Capital Airport Expansion, the National Grand Theater, Xiangjiaba hydropower hydropower Jin'anqiao, Hydropower Station, Baoquan Pumped Storage Power boat Hydropower Station the Gansu Jiudianxia Hydro Engineering, Shenyang-Dalian, Nanjing-Hangzhou high-speed, Sichuan and Chongqingrenovation and expansion of high-speed, Jingchenggaosu and so on. Vibratory also have been exported to Russia, Mongolia, Central Asia, Africa these countries.Gradually establish "Yifan mechanical" brand in the international market influence, popularity and reputation.

Yifan Machinery will continue to work hard in the future development and strive to create a more advanced vibrating screen, strive for the best benefits to customers and allow customers to buy more at ease.

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