The Vibratory Screen Used in Mining Industrial


A vibratory screen or sieve can be basket shaped, cylindrical, flat, curved, or an irregular shape. There are flat bed designs which are inclined so as to use gravity during the screening process. The size of the equipment will vary depending upon the weight and dimensions of the materials that are to be cleaned or sorted.

A vibratory screen or sieve plays an essential role in industries that involve classifying, separating, sizing, and sorting various materials. They are important in both manufacturing and industrial domains. Their size, design, weight, and operation method can vary dramatically; this is important as they can then provide the maximum possible efficiency for whatever use they are put to. In general terms, vibratory screen is used in the initial processing stage of various raw materials as well as in recycling plants and occasionally in environmental clean up operations.

In most cases the vibratory screen would be made out of a tough and durable metal. Whether a single screen would be required or a series will depend upon if a multistage sorting process is to be used. The equipment would normally be arranged in such a way that the screen feeders are able to load the material seamlessly without any spillages.

The actual vibrating action can be controlled through pressing, rolling, or shaking. In some cases, water will also be used to reduce the effort involved. There are also a few designs that integrate centrifugal force into their operation.

Features of vibratory screen :
1. Continuous production, single or multi-layer auto-classification filtering.
2. Good sealing performance, no dust overflow.
3. Energy-saving and low noise with vibration motor.
4. Start fast and stop smoothly.
5. Simple installation, easy operation and maintenance.
6. High utilization rate of screen, large unit area, not easy to block, but easy replacement of screen.
7. High-precision screening reach to 96% or above, large processing capacity.
8. Low noise, Low energy consumption.
9. Many kinds of screen meshes can be changed and the long life operation

vibratory screen operating principle:
It adjusts the amplitude by tube-shaped violent vibratory screen of eccentric shaft and eccentric blocks. The body moves like a circle, in order to make the materials screened.

The wear life is enhanced by the polymers flexibility, which returns some of the impact energy imparted by the vibrating media. Noise pollution typical of wire screens and perforated plate is greatly reduced with the introduction of polyurethane screening surfaces.

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